Maximise Your E-Commerce Platform

March 14, 2023

Maximise Your E-Commerce Platform

Merchants who are operating within the E-Commerce space first need to utilise a Commerce Platform. With many to choose from, and more launching daily, how can you ensure your Commerce Platform stays ahead of the game? The answer is simple! Work with Cardstream and develop your own Payment Gateway.

Cardstream is a Payment Gateway that is independent of individual Acquirers, markets or geographical locations. This gives it the unlimited ability to integrate globally into any trading market, Acquirer or locality. Having a White-Labelled Payment Gateway with Cardstream can take your business to the next level.

Revenue Generation
Diversify your business model and generate additional revenue by monetising the payments made through your Commerce Platform. Acting as the channel between the Merchant’s E-Commerce website and the banks involved, Commerce Platforms have the ability to charge per transaction made, maximising the opportunities to generate revenue. Partnering with Cardstream ensures you have the freedom and choice to deliver your own business strategies, unhindered by back-end supplier complexities.

Merchant Retention
Reduce payment friction and checkout abandonment by ensuring the payment process on your platform is slick. Users who run their E-Commerce stores on your Commerce platform are more likely to continue their partnership with you if the payment process benefits them and reduces lost transactions.

A Payment Gateway can allow the checkout page to appear on the Merchants’ website as opposed to redirecting the consumer. This gives the Merchant more brand credibility as their payment process presents more professionally.

To learn how Cardstream can help your offerings, and to view our different Payment Gateway Solutions, please get in contact with us.

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