Payment Gateway Solutions

February 6, 2023

Payment Gateway Solutions

One of the most important decisions a Merchant can make when establishing their E-Commerce business is which Payment Gateway Solution they should utilise. Acting as the channel between the E-Commerce website and the banks involved, it is vital to choose a Gateway that can meet your needs. Along came Cardstream.

About Cardstream

Cardstream is a Payment Gateway that is independent of individual Acquirers, markets or geographical locations. This gives it the unlimited ability to integrate globally into any trading market, Acquirer or locality.

Cardstream offers an open, secure, and compliant White-Label platform which is designed to put companies in control. You have the freedom and choice to deliver your own business strategies, unhindered by back-end supplier complexities. Through Cardstream’s Acquiring partners, Merchants have access to all 180 global currencies for processing; with settlement currencies decided on Merchant geography using dynamic currency conversion.

Which Integration Method is Right for You?

The Direct Integration works by allowing you to keep the Customer on your system throughout the checkout process, collecting the Customer’s payment details on your own secure server before sending the collected data to our Gateway for processing. Alternatively, you can choose to use Hosted Fields or Hosted Forms using the Hosted Integration. These are both features to help your Merchants to take payments securely, without sensitive card details touching their servers. Both methods use Cardstream’s servers rather than your Merchants’ to process the payment, relieving them of any PCI security concerns.

The Benefits of a Payment Gateway

  1. Reduces fraudulent transactions. Using a Payment Gateway will allow Merchants to reduce the frequency and severity of fraudulent transactions thanks to Velocity Checks and other tools you can use. Using a tool such as Kount will provide a further layer of fraud protection.
  2. Acts as a go-between for all parties involved. A Payment Gateway will transfer payment information between every participant, such as consumer; merchant; fraud mitigator; issuing bank; acquiring bank; and card scheme. Encrypting the data further protects against fraud attacks.
  3. Smooths checkout process. Consumers are less likely to abandon their carts when the checkout process is slick.
  4. Increases brand credibility. A payment gateway can allow the checkout page to appear on the Merchants’ website as opposed to redirecting the consumer. This gives the Merchant more brand credibility as their payment process presents more professionally.

To learn how Cardstream can help your offerings, and to view our different Payment Gateway Solutions, please get in contact with us.

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