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Cardstream is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider of payment solutions within a robust, flexible and scalable payment infrastructure.

Cardstream continues to build a global network of more than 400 Acquirers; Alternative Payment Methods; shopping cart platforms; and fraud providers – all accessed via a single integration.

Cardstream supports all worldwide currencies and all major card schemes in over 120 countries for its current portfolio of 100+ Reseller Partners and their 18,000+ merchants.

The Open Payment Network is ideal for Acquirers; Payment Service Providers; Payment Facilitators; Independent Sales Organisations; Independent Software Vendors; and other Value Added Service Providers.




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The Evolution of the PayFac

In the rapidly changing landscape of modern commerce, the way we pay has undergone a remarkable transformation. One pivotal player in this evolution is the payment facilitator—a concept that has reshaped the way businesses handle payments, making transactions accessible to businesses, smoother, and more efficient than ever before. Payment facilitators, often referred to as “PayFacs,” […]

3-D Secure Updates: What You Need to Know

3-D Secure version 2.1 has vastly improved over the original 3-D Secure version 1.0. The updates have addressed the customer friction often experienced during the transaction process by enabling more data sharing between Merchants and Issuers. This allows for a more accurate risk-based decision-making process, which leads to smoother transactions with less interruption. Version 2.1 […]

The Benefits of a Unified Payment Gateway API 

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their online operations and enhance customer experiences. By combining multiple integrations into a single Payment Gateway through one API (Application Programming Interface), Cardstream’s Partners can unlock a myriad of benefits.   Enhanced Efficiency  Integrating with multiple services, such as fraud detection with Kount, KYC […]

Test Cards – What You Need to Know

In the fast-paced world of online transactions, ensuring a smooth Payment Gateway integration is crucial for businesses. Test Cards play a vital role in this process, enabling developers to simulate and test various payment scenarios before going live.   Simulating Real-World Payment Scenarios  Test Cards, also known as dummy or sandbox cards, are virtual credit or […]

Seamlessly Switch Payment Gateways  

In the fast-paced world of fintech, businesses require flexible and efficient payment solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers. As technology advances, switching to Cardstream’s Payment Gateway has become increasingly hassle-free, allowing businesses to adapt and thrive in the dynamic landscape of online transactions.  The Fintech landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses must […]

Understanding ISV in Payments

In the realm of payments, ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor. These dynamic entities play a pivotal role in revolutionising the way businesses process transactions, manage finances, and enhance customer experiences.  Exploring ISVs in Payments  An ISV in payments refers to a software company that develops and provides specialised applications to facilitate payment processing and […]

What is a Payment Gateway?

In today’s digital age, online transactions have become the norm, revolutionising the way we do business. At the heart of this revolution lies the Payment Gateway, an integral component that ensures seamless and secure electronic transactions. A Payment Gateway serves as the intermediary between an online Merchant and the financial institutions involved in processing a […]

Streamlining the Checkout Process: Optimising E-Commerce Businesses for Success

The checkout process is the make-or-break moment for E-Commerce businesses. A seamless andoptimised checkout experience can significantly boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Inthis blog post, we will explore key strategies that online retailers can implement to optimise theircheckout process and drive success. Simplify the Form Fields Long and complex forms can be overwhelming for […]

The Benefits of Your Relationship Manager

Partnering with Cardstream to resell our state-of-the-art White Label Payment Gateway comes with many benefits. One of these is the fact that you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to aid you with all of your Cardstream needs. Your RM can help you take your business to the next level, and you can […]

Cardstream Group’s PayFac Solution

Just over a month ago, White Label Payment technology service provider Cardstream Group announced its new PayFac-As-A-Service offering. Cardstream is used to being a Fintech innovator and is now revolutionising the Payment Facilitator space. This is a platform designed to provide a multitude of offerings, including: The Need for a PayFac Solution To put it […]