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Cardstream is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider of payment solutions within a robust, flexible and scalable payment infrastructure.

Cardstream continues to build a global network of more than 400 Acquirers; Alternative Payment Methods; shopping cart platforms; and fraud providers – all accessed via a single integration.

Cardstream supports all worldwide currencies and all major card schemes in over 120 countries for its current portfolio of 100+ Reseller Partners and their 18,000+ merchants.

The Open Payment Network is ideal for Acquirers; Payment Service Providers; Payment Facilitators; Independent Sales Organisations; Independent Software Vendors; and other Value Added Service Providers.




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The Benefits of Your Relationship Manager

Partnering with Cardstream to resell our state-of-the-art White Label Payment Gateway comes with many benefits. One of these is the fact that you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to aid you with all of your Cardstream needs. Your RM can help you take your business to the next level, and you can […]

Cardstream Group’s PayFac Solution

Just over a month ago, White Label Payment technology service provider Cardstream Group announced its new PayFac-As-A-Service offering. Cardstream is used to being a Fintech innovator and is now revolutionising the Payment Facilitator space. This is a platform designed to provide a multitude of offerings, including: The Need for a PayFac Solution To put it […]

High Risk Payment Processing

The world of E-Commerce is diverse, and because of this certain Merchants are classed as “High Risk.” In order to process payments for these Merchants, a Payment Provider must ensure they know what comes with High Risk transactions. What Makes a Merchant High Risk? A Merchant may be classed as High Risk for a number […]

E-Commerce Solutions

One challenge for Merchants is whether they should implement an E-Commerce Module, and if so which one? Cardstream’s Open Payment Network (OPN) offers an independent Payment Gateway with an extensive array of shopping modules. How Do E-Commerce Modules Work? E-Commerce Modules can be utilised by connecting them to your website hosting provider. The module will […]

The Year of the PayFac

Payment Facilitators, also known as ‘PayFacs’, became popular in the 1990s. They were conceived to help small and medium sized businesses accept online payments. The PayFac model allows companies who specialise in payments to reduce the complexity of online transactions and to offer their services to a wide array of Merchants. Types of PayFacs A […]

What is a Referrer Partner?

Companies such as web development agencies, ticketing providers, and consultants have a unique opportunity to provide a comprehensive solution for their clients. From website design to E-Commerce functionality, agencies strive to create digital experiences that are user-friendly, engaging, and easy to navigate. One critical aspect of the E-Commerce experience is payment processing, and this is […]

Cardstream Group Announces Global Market Delivery of New White Label PayFac-as-a-Service

6th April 2023 – Taunton, UK: Cardstream Group, which operates Europe’s fastest growing independent white label Payment Gateway, has announced the arrival of its significant new white label PayFac-as-a-Service to the market. The full-function platform has been designed to deliver Acquirers with a comprehensive Third Party Payment Facilitator programme, as well as a pathway for […]

Increasing Retention With Payments

Having a Payment Service this is slick, easy to use, and reliable can have an enormous impact on a Merchant’s ability to retain Customers. Whilst it is important for Merchants to grow their customer base, retaining existing clients can have a significant impact on business, as they return again and again to purchase goods and […]

Cardstream Wins Best Use of Technology at the Somerset Business Awards

It’s a hat trick for Payment Gateway, Cardstream, at the The Somerset Business Awards!  Already recognised as a multi award winning leader in global Fintech, Cardstream has continued its awards success with its third win in the “Best Use of Technology” category awarded by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce.  Taking place on Friday 25 March 2023, the awards ceremony […]

Acquirer vs Payment Gateway

When opting to take payments online, you may be bombarded with a mix of key words that aren’t familiar. “Payment Gateway” and “Acquirer” might seem unfamiliar to you, but by the end of this post you’ll understand better what each term means and the benefits of them.   Acquirer An Acquirer, sometimes known as a Merchant […]