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Cardstream is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider of payment solutions within a robust, flexible and scalable payment infrastructure.

Cardstream continues to build a global network of more than 400 Acquirers; Alternative Payment Methods; shopping cart platforms; and fraud providers – all accessed via a single integration.

Cardstream supports all worldwide currencies and all major card schemes in over 120 countries for its current portfolio of 100+ Reseller Partners and their 18,000+ merchants.

The Open Payment Network is ideal for Acquirers; Payment Service Providers; Payment Facilitators; Independent Sales Organisations; Independent Software Vendors; and other Value Added Service Providers.




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AVS Checks

Address Verification Service Checks, also known as AVS Checks, is one of the most widely used fraud prevention tools when a card-not-present transaction occurs. How Do AVS Checks Work? AVS Checks are used to see if both the Address Line and the Postcode linked to a payment card are the same as the address provided […]

2023 Predictions

The payments industry is ever-changing and hard to predict, but what can be expected for payments in 2023? Buy Now Pay Later One of the biggest trends of 2022 has been the rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes, and this looks set to continue into the new year. BNPL allows consumers to purchase […]

2022 Review

2022 is coming to an end, and now is the perfect time to take a look back at what has happened within the payments industry this year. Interchange Price Changes The interchange ++ pricing model is designed to be more transparent than a blended model, with the Merchant paying the interchange fee separately to the […]

Soft Declines

A soft decline occurs when a customer’s issuing bank is willing to approve a transaction but not in its current state. Of all declines, roughly 85% can be deemed as “soft declines.” What Causes Soft Declines? Soft declines can be attributed to numerous reasons, such as: Insufficient funds in the Customer’s account The payment processor […]

Industry Deep Dive – Hospitality

With the year coming to a close, it is a great time for companies operating in the hospitality industry to review their online payment offerings. In an ever-changing world, it is essential for companies to stay up to date with online payments systems. About the Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry contributes to economies worldwide. Hospitality […]

Cashless Payments

In recent years, paying with cash has become less and less popular. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and emerging technologies, the variety of ways to pay has been on the rise. Cashless Versus Contactless Many people use the terms “cashless” and “contactless” interchangeably, but there are distinctions between the two. Cashless payments require face-to-face contact […]

Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is an event that grips the world of E-Commerce every year. Alongside Cyber Monday, online retailers can expect a surge in sales thanks to the deals and discounts they choose to offer on their shops. What can we expect in 2022 and how will this compare with the trends we observed in 2021? […]

Cardstream’s Partnership with Qi Digital will Enable its Merchants to Accept Digital Currencies

London, UK – November 8, 2022 – Leading independent Payments Gateway, Cardstream, has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency specialists Qi to provide Merchants with capabilities to accept digital currencies. Cardstream processes Card payments globally, as well as emerging and local payment methods for certain geographies and consumers. Adding Qi will strengthen this approach by providing […]