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Cardstream is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider of payment solutions within a robust, flexible and scalable payment infrastructure.

Cardstream continues to build a global network of more than 400 Acquirers; Alternative Payment Methods; shopping cart platforms; and fraud providers – all accessed via a single integration.

Cardstream supports all worldwide currencies and all major card schemes in over 120 countries for its current portfolio of 100+ Reseller Partners and their 18,000+ merchants.

The Open Payment Network is ideal for Acquirers; Payment Service Providers; Payment Facilitators; Independent Sales Organisations; Independent Software Vendors; and other Value Added Service Providers.




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Express Checkout Methods

Express Checkout Methods are becoming more prevalent within the payments industry. Examples of these faster payment options include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. The purpose of these payment methods is simple – let customers check out faster. Reduce cart abandonment and boost conversion by implementing these payment methods. Benefits of Express Checkout Methods Tips […]

Maximise Your E-Commerce Platform

Merchants who are operating within the E-Commerce space first need to utilise a Commerce Platform. With many to choose from, and more launching daily, how can you ensure your Commerce Platform stays ahead of the game? The answer is simple! Work with Cardstream and develop your own Payment Gateway. Cardstream is a Payment Gateway that is […]

What’s Next For SCA?

Prior to 2019, authentication used to only occur in rare situations, such as when a transaction was required as “high risk”. 2022 saw the deadline for the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA must be used whenever a Customer Initiated Transaction (CIT) takes place. What is SCA? SCA is a way of proving the […]

E-Commerce vs M-Commerce

In the FinTech industry, the terms E-Commerce and M-Commerce are thrown around a lot. But what do these terms mean? Can they be used interchangeably? E-Commerce is an umbrella term for selling and buying products online. M-Commerce on the other hand is a subcategory of E-Commerce where mobile devices are used to shop and purchase. […]

The Open®Payment Network

Cardstream’s Open®Payment Network (OPN®) offers a collection of Acquirers, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), fraud solutions and payment integrators – all available via a single API. The Open®Payment Network is purposely designed to be modular, with each module being able to work independently. This allows our Partners to select each module to fit their requirements, creating […]

Pay By Bank App

You may have seen that Pay by Bank App is becoming a more prominent way consumers choose to pay, but what is it? Brought to market by Mastercard, Pay by Bank allows Merchants to take immediate payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts. What is Pay by Bank App? Pay by Bank App is a […]

Payment Gateway Solutions

One of the most important decisions a Merchant can make when establishing their E-Commerce business is which Payment Gateway Solution they should utilise. Acting as the channel between the E-Commerce website and the banks involved, it is vital to choose a Gateway that can meet your needs. Along came Cardstream. About Cardstream Cardstream is a […]

Recurring Card Payments

Recurring Card Payments (RCP), sometimes known as a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) occurs when a consumer gives a Merchant permission to regularly take funds from a debit or credit card. In theory, once a consumer has established an RCP, a Merchant can access funds at any point. Most RCPs are set up to maintain monthly […]

AVS Checks

Address Verification Service Checks, also known as AVS Checks, is one of the most widely used fraud prevention tools when a card-not-present transaction occurs. How Do AVS Checks Work? AVS Checks are used to see if both the Address Line and the Postcode linked to a payment card are the same as the address provided […]