Omnichannel Payments

“Omnichannel Payments”- A systematic approach to collecting payments via multiple channels.

At Cardstream, we offer peerless omnichannel gateway solutions to help merchants streamline both their online and in-store business to deliver a consistent and unique customer experience. Our robust platform empowers cardholder customers to pay conveniently across each and every point of sale via different digital payment channels.

Our omnichannel solutions allows merchants to have one centralised portal (Merchant Management System) to view all of their transactions. Every transaction is also tokenised to allow for a token to be used for future transactions.

In today’s fast-changing world, retailers understand- “to remain in the competitive race, they need to embrace everything which improves customer experience”. Making payment processing easier is the major component of the purchasing process; Omnichannel payments make it possible to have fast, easy, and hassle-free payment anytime, anywhere.