Swipen and Cardstream bring ApplePay to e-commerce

November 18, 2020

Swipen and Cardstream bring ApplePay to e-commerce

Swipen Merchant Services, along with its technology partner, Cardstream, are pleased to provide ApplePay for e-commerce, a safer and more secure way for customers to pay online.

With mobile devices fast becoming the most popular platforms for e-commerce shopping, Swipen now provides merchants and software developers with ApplePay integration, simplifying the purchasing process and helping to protect against fraud.

The ApplePay mobile wallet allows customers to securely store card data within their iOS device to quickly make payments online, in-store, or within a mobile app. While in-store customers can shop with ApplePay by tapping their iOS device on the merchant’s card terminal, mobile shoppers purchasing online through their Safari browser can now simply click the ApplePay button.

“With COVID regulations in force across the country, Swipen and Cardstream are adapting to these changing times by developing new ways to help our customers thrive in this new normal,” says Fraser Mitchell, Swipen’s Managing Director. “We’re expecting to see a continued rise in touchless retail shopping and contactless transactions and, as such, our partnership with Cardstream has allowed us to accelerate the development of this new, exciting and cost-effective payment offering.”

Adam Sharpe, CEO and Founder of Cardstream added, “Given the consumer demand for contactless ways to shop and pay, it is even more critical that we collaborate with our partners to drive business growth, both online and offline.”

Along with the improved security for customers, merchants get a huge benefit as well – reduced fraud.

The customer is in complete control of the transaction and their data, and every purchase using ApplePay is authenticated using Face ID, Touch ID, or a device’s passcode. It is therefore, nearly impossible for fraudsters to steal card information to make fraudulent transactions.

“Swipen strives to provide our e-commerce merchants with the most innovative and secure payment solutions,” says Fraser. “ApplePay adds tremendous value to the online checkout experience, especially at a time when e-commerce is enjoying tremendous growth, and we’re delighted to be able to offer it at a substantially lower cost.” After an unannounced launch of Apple Pay at Pizza Hut restaurants across the country, Swipen reported that on the very first day, almost 30% of customers preferred to pay for their order using ApplePay.

Juniper Research, who regularly examines payment transaction markets, found that of all the digital wallet providers, ApplePay is set to account for 52% of the market share within the next 4 years. With Swipen’s support for this popular payment method, online retailers can now easily provide their customers with a frictionless and mobile-friendly checkout experience.

“The main reason why ApplePay has been proven to increase e-commerce conversion rates is that the need to manually input customer payment and billing information is eliminated,” adds Adam. “The feedback from our partners and merchants is that ApplePay is fast becoming a must-have payment option for retailers and banks.”

Both Swipen and Cardstream are proud to work together to bring the very best solutions to merchants and their customers, including ApplePay for e-commerce, at a time when collaboration and innovation will be the key to survival for many businesses.

About Swipen:

Merchant services with a difference. We offer innovative and affordable payment solutions from in-store card machines to fully integrated payments. We provide next day funds, e-commerce and payment gateways, online and app solutions, contactless, cashless, and even telephone ordering and virtual terminal. Whether you’re a brand new company, a small business, online only, a large chain or expanding internationally, our services and completely tailored rates and charges are designed to make your life easier. We are constantly adapting with the times, and now provide solutions for many Covid-made challenges, including our new TipPerTap contactless tipping system. Our team has over 50 years combined experience within the payment industry and our unique and honest approach makes all the difference. We knew there was a better way and so we created Swipen.

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About Cardstream:

Cardstream is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider of payment solutions within a robust, flexible, and scalable payment infrastructure. Cardstream continues to build a global Open®Payment Network of more than 400 acquirers; alternative payment methods; shopping cart platforms; and fraud providers – all accessed via a single integration. Cardstream supports all worldwide currencies, all major card schemes and hundreds of APMs across the globe. The network is currently processing millions of transactions for hundreds of Reseller Partners and their thousands of Merchants. Cardstream’s Open®Payment Network is ideal for Acquirers; Payment Service Providers; Payment Facilitators; Independent Sales Organisations; Independent Software Vendors; and other Value-Added Service Providers.

For more information, visit www.cardstream.com or email press@cardstream.com