November 30, 2020


Apple Pay, the mobile and digital wallet service, has been launched at Pizza Hut restaurants across the country as part of their Order and Pay at Table facility. As one of only a handful of merchant service companies offering Apple Pay online in the UK, Swipen reported that on the very first day, almost 30% of Pizza Hut customers preferred to pay for their order using Apple Pay.

With the effects of COVID-19 being felt far and wide, purchasing online has become increasingly popular. The hospitality sector is no exception, with restaurants and pubs adjusting the way they work to make dining-in a safer experience. This has seen a rise in the use of mobile and online ordering systems, where customers rely on their phone to order and pay their bill at the table.

Payment specialist, Swipen, embraces collaboration, working with market-leading partners to bring the best solutions to its customers. One of the services offered by Swipen is Order and Pay at Table via an app or webpage. In partnership with Adactus, a people-first tech company specialising in innovative technology solutions, Swipen jointly launched Pizza Hut’s ordernow.pizza.

Not only can Pizza Hut customers enjoy a socially-distanced, quick and easy ordering system from the comfort of their table, but they can also pay securely through the site with a number of options, including Apple Pay. “This pandemic has brought the future of food ordering forward – it is here now.

Dine-in guests appreciate the safety and control that Order at Table offers, and in partnership with Swipen, we provide a solution with a proven track record,” says Scott Muncaster from Adactus.

Swipen’s Order and Pay at Table services cater to all sizes of business, from large chains, like Pizza Hut, to individual pubs and restaurants, both for dining in and takeaway. Menu Connect, a technology provider of secure integrated order and pay software, specialises in URL-based platforms.

In partnership with Swipen, they offer robust, intuitive and affordable web platforms. “We remove the need for customers to download yet more applications,” says Neil Westwater from Menu Connect. “URL systems as opposed to downloadable apps are simpler to set up, you can make changes to your menu or pricing quickly and easily, and it’s fully customisable.”

It certainly seems worth the effort, as Upserve have discovered, an extraordinary 60% of restaurants launching mobile ordering capabilities have reported a marked increase in sales, and pizza chains in particular say that the average online order is 18% larger than those placed over the phone.

The team behind Swipen have over 50 years combined experience within the industry, and their latest offering has been to bring Apple Pay to Pizza Hut’s mobile ordering system, together with their technology partner, Cardstream.

“Apple Pay adds tremendous value to the online checkout experience, and we’re delighted to be able to offer it at a substantially lower cost,” says Fraser Mitchell, Managing Director of Swipen.

“Our partnership with Cardstream has allowed us to accelerate the development of this new, exciting and cost-effective payment offering.”

It appears Apple Pay will also be increasingly popular over the next five years as it offers a frictionless and convenient method of payment – fast, safe and secure. Along with the improved security for customers, merchants get a huge benefit as well – reduced fraud. “Pizza Hut is excited to introduce Apple Pay for its customers, and help to make their mobile ordering experience easier and safer,“ says Guy Scott-South from Pizza Hut Restaurants.

However, it’s not just restaurants that benefit from Apple Pay; any business with a website that accepts card payments can add the convenience and security of Apple Pay. “The feedback from our partners and merchants is that Apple Pay is becoming a must-have payment option for retailers,” says Adam Sharpe, Cardstream CEO & Founder.

With their honest and transparent approach, and with a desire to partner with other industry experts to bring the very best and most innovative solutions to their customers, Swipen are the refreshing change that many merchants have been looking for. Bringing Apple Pay online and Order at Table to Pizza Hut is just the icing on the cake, or perhaps more appropriately, the cheese on the pizza!

For more information visit www.swipen.co.uk or email info@swipen.co.uk