What is a White Label Payment Gateway

June 14, 2016

What is a White Label Payment Gateway

Cardstream’s White Label Solution

Technology cannot be grown. You can’t plant it and pluck it a few weeks later. It takes development and expertise, time and financial investment. How much better it would be to simply have another person do all the hard work and then you rebrand it for your own distribution. This is a process referred to as white labelling and it is used in a variety of sectors, for example:

• Supermarkets – for goods such as cereals, biscuits, crisps or other goods;
• cloud technologies;
• banking;
• electronics; and most relevantly
• Payment gateways.

By rebranding an existing solution you have the benefit of having an already advanced and market moulded technology available to offer your clients. The Cardstream white labelling solution is particularly turn-key. You can have a solution ready for your business to resell in a fortnight as soon as negotiations are finalised. What has taken Cardstream nearly two decades to produce is yours to profit from within a fractionally short time frame. If you need a new function for your existing gateway product, then your company won’t need to develop it: we do, sparing you the expense and culpability in the process. Stay functionally relevant without lifting a finger, except maybe to tick a box.

ISO’s and Other Companions

Independent Sales Organisations are level-headed and aggressive in marketing folk, never one to turn down a lucrative opportunity. We know 85% of them white label a payment gateway. It compliments their existing product. Further to this, they are missing out on income by not taking advantage of a payment gateway. Some other examples of companies that could potentially be either missing out on or complimented by their own white label solution could include: ticketing companies; companies that process large volumes of memberships; website design companies that want to provide an entire e-commerce solution to their clients or any other business that feels having some money per transaction through their website is something worth investing in.

Reseller solutions especially fit-in businesses such as the above as it provides a more holistic solution for your business. It becomes sticky as the entire solution would be provided by your company. Such as you processing the tickets and not missing out the costs that would usually go to your payment provider, garnering more funds per transaction.

Which to Choose?

Each gateway is unique. They’re unique in technology, attitude, agenda and aesthetics. We’re all established and successful as a result of our investments in these aspects. And hats off because we all do our own thing and we do it well. Choosing a gateway as a merchant is complex. But choosing a platform upon which to run an entire business is more complex. Cardstream hope to make their gateway simple, cost effective and tailored towards white labelling. Being independent from an acquiring bank perspective means that we have solid relationships in the UK merchant banking space and can therefore board any company with a UK (or European) merchant account. Being so heavily invested in white labelling means that our platform is engineered with this exact business model in mind. Even been to a tailor? We are the tailors. Our gateway is that perfect shirt that fits just right.

Cardstream also have other aspects of their gateway that are designed for the accommodation of a white label solution. For example our range of shopping cart modules that will help to board clients from a large range of e-commerce platforms, such as integrations with the giant Shopify and popular WordPress plugins.

A Harmonious Working Relationship

Cardstream have quite a few pairs of ears at work, ears that are planted firmly to the ground. Our dedicated team and Account Managers work closely with our reseller partners. You are guaranteed a phone call during working hours to help with any issue with no automated voice intermediates, a ring or two and you’re through. Additionally you are guaranteed an email response to any enquiries within an hour, but usually within a handful of minutes. We give you the attention that is essential to any working relationship. Our objectives are set by the requirements of our partners too. You don’t always necessarily need to ask, if we notice trends in the requests of our partners, we develop accordingly.

To rebrand Cardstream’s Payment Gateway UK has a low set-up cost and rebranding fees. Your needs as a company are evaluated with a personal Strategic Channel Manager who will work closely with you to develop a relationship and white label solution that is mutually beneficial to all parties and something you can trust in.