What you need to know about White Label Payment Solutions

July 5, 2021

What you need to know about White Label Payment Solutions

What does white labelling mean?

White labelling means selling goods or services of another company under your company’s brand identifiers: name, logo, packaging, etc. to use for your own distribution. This can be any type of product you want to trade. For example: food, clothes, technology, and payment gateways, to name a few.

What is a white label payment gateway?

A white-label payment gateway is a payment gateway solution that allows companies across business sectors and niche areas to offer payment processing under their official name while using third-party services. To put it simply, a company puts its logo and branding on the customised solution to use as their own.

Why choose a white label Payment Gateway?

Having a white label payment gateway solution at your disposal will assist with building trust and confidence with your customers through the services you offer. Some other reasons include:

  • Cost effectiveness. Developing a payment gateway in-house can be extremely expensive with many additional costs and high transaction fees. A smart and sophisticated gateway solution takes a lot of time and skill to build and maintain.
  • Security. Payment solution providers like Cardstream have huge first-hand experience when it comes to fraud and chargeback prevention measures. White label payment gateway technology can ensure that your payment data and transactions will always remain safely protected, removing the worry of fraud risk, chargebacks and data breaches.
  • Enhanced brand recognition. Simply by choosing to use a white label payment gateway, you can ensure your reputation as a company grows. A simple, secure, easy to use and fully-branded gateway is something a merchant always needs.

Which white label payment gateway should I choose?

Cardstream is a multi-award-winning PCI DSS Level 1 independent payments gateway, providing white-label Partner resellers with access to our Open®Payment Network. With our 200+ acquirer connections and anti-fraud service providers, we are able to connect our Partners and their merchants to an unrivalled global network of online payment solutions.

Why should I choose Cardstream’s Payment Gateway?

Cardstream’s payment gateway is one of few gateways in the world built to be white labelled by our reseller partners. Cardstream’s white label payment gateway allows the merchant or ISO to brand and sell the payment gateway services as their own. They get to use their own company logo, URL, login portal and API integrations to customise the look and feel to match their brand and service to their customers in a way they see fit. In essence, why would a merchant acquirer or ISO resell someone else’s payment gateway, when they can be the payment gateway themselves.


Without doubt, there are a wide range of benefits to the millions of businesses around the globe that use white label payment gateways. Not only do they help companies stand out from their competitors but they also bring simple payment products and methods to their customers. Offering such services is another opportunity to promote a brand’s awareness, save money, and protect customer loyalty and customer experience at every point in their payment journey.