The Sunset of 3-D Secure v1

August 30, 2022

The Sunset of 3-D Secure v1

3-D Secure version 1 will be decommissioned by the 18th of October 2022. This will be replaced by EMV® 3-D Secure. Cardstream is on hand to assist Partners and Merchants navigate this migration.

What is 3-D Secure v1?

The first version of 3-D Secure was developed and released over 10 years ago. Developed by Visa, 3-D Secure acts to decrease the risk of fraud.

Whilst it made waves in payment security, users found this first version extremely unintuitive.

  • Some users were unable to view their 3-D Secure authentication page; with many compatibility issues when the process occurred in a mobile browser.
  • Transaction rates declined as consumers found the process arduous and would often abandon the purchase when the 3-D Secure page loaded slowly.
  • E-Commerce websites sometimes caused suspicion among users when the 3-D Secure pop-up occurred as it would not fit the brand or website’s aesthetic. This would result in an abandoned transaction.

How is EMV 3-D Secure Different?

EMV 3-D Secure was first released in 2019, and with it saw a vast improvement in user experience.

  • Frictionless Transactions – Performing an authentication step in the access control server (ACS), a card issuer can approve a transaction without the need for the cardholder’s authorisation. This frictionless authentication allows transactions to occur quicker and smoother.
  • Mobile Integration – With smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our lives, an integrated EMV 3-D Secure process for mobile payment processing is essential. Merchants can integrate an EMV 3-D Secure process into their apps, making the customers’ checkout experience fast and efficient.
  • Non-Payment Authentication – You can use EMV 3-D Secure for more than E-Commerce transactions. The introduction of “non-payment authentication” can authenticate a cardholder without them having to make a purchase. With successful authentication, their card details can be added to an e-wallet without the need for another authentication request at checkout.

To learn more about the transition to EMV 3-D Secure, visit our Knowledge Hub.

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