The Open®Payment Network

February 22, 2023

The Open®Payment Network

Cardstream’s Open®Payment Network (OPN®) offers a collection of Acquirers, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), fraud solutions and payment integrators – all available via a single API.

The Open®Payment Network is purposely designed to be modular, with each module being able to work independently. This allows our Partners to select each module to fit their requirements, creating a bespoke payment solution.

We provide end to end solutions across an expanding global network. Our integrated software offers a seamless customer experience by using direct integration, hosted forms, developer-friendly API and specified plug-ins, managed via our Partner portal.

Cardstream created the OPN® to provide a fair, collegial environment and instant access to a rapidly expanding Merchant base. This influenced Payment Service Providers (PSPs) of all sizes to contribute and compete on a fair and level playing field. OPN’s® commitment to members is that their services will never be copied and “own branded” by OPN®.

Features of the OPN®

OPN to Global Commerce – Cardstream is Acquirer agnostic, which enables us to connect with Acquirers globally.

OPN to any Payment Method – Serve your Merchants’ needs using any Payment Method.

OPN Source – We are constantly expanding the OPN® and are open to external teams’ enhancing the network.

OPN Culture – You can openly engage with companies within the OPN®, and we shall never take credit for your work.

OPN Always – Cardstream’s OPN® has an up time of 99.998%.

OPN Network – The OPN® is a collegial ecosystem of different Partners mutually benefitting from one another.

Who We Integrate With

Cardstream builds solutions for software companies, Acquirers, Payment Service Providers, Independent Sales Organisations and other value-added service providers. The powerful Open®Payment Network manages the whole payment process across different countries.

To learn more about the Open®Payment Network, and how Cardstream can help take your Merchants to the next level, contact us.

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