Predicted Statistics 2015

January 9, 2015

Predicted Statistics 2015

The hardest part of any year is arguably fraught with anxiety mostly at the beginning, so with some New Year’s cheer, foresight and positivity we can tackle it. With foresight in mind; E-Commerce seems to be as trendy and developmental as ever. A stunning figure of $24 trillion in Global retails sales (that’s $24 with 12 zeroes on the end for emphasis) is predicted to be hit in 2015. With last year’s prediction being $22 trillion according to our recent 2014 blog, that’s an increment of $2 trillion for the year, 10% in fact.

In Britain and the UK, E-Commerce as a trading industry creates a profit margin of £700 million every single week and although we can’t soon hope to eclipse the High Street in terms of production and product output, it seems advertising has become more ubiquitous online as the UK is forecast to become the first country to spend more on online advertising than advertising anywhere else.

In terms of growth, E-Commerce has a steady increase of 30% a year, every year, making it the largest growing part of the retail industry itself, according to a study taken by the Democratization of E-Commerce Report, which enlisted the research of over 55,000 clients. It appears the countdown to New Year, is indeed a count up to E-Commerce success.

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