Pay By Link

May 3, 2022

Pay By Link

Cardstream continues to be the UK’s number one White Label Payment Gateway. One popular feature provided by Cardstream is Pay By Link, providing a secure method of payment via a link.

How Does It Work?

When Pay By Link is enabled, a customer will receive it in one of the following ways:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social Media
  • Printed Invoice

With one click, a secure hosted payment form with pre-populated product information will open. The hosted payment form will allow the customer to enter payment details. Alternatively, the customer can use a QR code reader, such as a phone camera, which will direct the payer to the payment page.

To enable the Pay By Link feature, a merchant would log into the Merchant Management System (MMS) and generate a link or pay button through the Virtual Terminal.

The Benefits of Pay By Link

The advantage of using a link, button, or QR code, compared with a hosted integration, lies in its simplicity. It has the features of the hosted form without needing server-side scripting knowledge. Simply place the custom link alongside your products and you are ready to collect payments securely without the need for technical knowledge.

Once the cardholder receives the Pay By Link, all that is needed is to click a button, enter payment details, and the payment is made!

Why Choose Cardstream?

Cardstream’s payment gateway is one of the very few gateways in the world built to be white-labelled for reseller Partners. Cardstream’s white-label payment gateway allows a Partner, ISV, or ISO to brand and sell the payment gateway as its own service. Merchants, ISVs, or ISOs can use their company logos, URLs, login portals, and API integrations to customise the look and feel to match the stylistic guide of their recognisable brand. By accessing Cardstream’s technology to provide payment links, QR codes, and buttons, users can ensure that merchants and customers receive a secure and easy way to take payments.

Without a doubt, there is a wide range of benefits to companies that use Cardstream’s services. The products and services offered by Cardstream support Partner companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors whilst bringing simple payment methods to their customers.

Offering such services and features is another opportunity to promote a brand’s awareness, save money, protect customer loyalty, and enhance the customer experience at every point in a payment journey.

To learn more about how Cardstream can help, get in contact with us.