Partner Showcase – YouLend

April 26, 2022

Partner Showcase – YouLend

YouLend’s opportunity of financial lending for initial or repeat money injections can now be taken up by merchant businesses within Cardstream’s Open Payment Network. YouLend’s instant payment solution for incoming payments means better fiscal management. The partnership between Cardstream and YouLend presents a realistic platform for new business concepts and/or existing businesses that desire global growth and coverage.


With YouLend, eCommerce platforms, technology companies, and payment service providers can offer fast and flexible funding to their merchants. More than 30, 000 merchants have grown and thrived with fast, flexible, revenue-based finance through the YouLend platform.

YouLend predicts that financial services in the future will be delivered by customer-oriented tech companies that embed financing within other product suites, and they are working alongside Cardstream to enable that.

About The Partnership

YouLend, part of the Banking Circle, delivers its fast-funding service via a unique integration with Cardstream, bringing funding to merchants with flexible, revenue-based financing. Through YouLend’s precise risk indicators, participating merchants are presented with a “loan available” figure in real-time on Cardstream’s Merchant Management System (MMS). With YouLend, Cardstream’s Partners can offer loans to any of their merchant customer businesses, based on their online payments’ revenue. The loans are risk free to the Partner, who is able to retain a share of the revenue generated if this falls within its business model and merchant agreement.

The Process

The loan application journey is highly digital:

  • In most cases, merchants will log in to their Merchant Management System, which is branded with the Cardstream Partner’s identity and powered by Cardstream. This is a portal that most merchants will view at least once per day to check their incoming payments. Here, merchants will see that they have been pre-approved for bespoke loan advance amounts.
  • The merchants can then submit loan applications within the Partner-branded interface, easily pulling in their high-quality payment information and other fields of information from Cardstream’s innovative reporting system.
  • Merchants will receive a decision from Banking Circle within 24 hours, with roughly 80% of merchants being approved for a loan advance. Merchants will then sign their documentation online and receive funds into their accounts shortly after.
  • If preferred, the Cardstream Partners can also log in to their merchant’s Cardstream interface and apply for finance on behalf of their merchant customers.

To learn more about how Cardstream and YouLend can help take your Merchant’s business to the next level, get in contact with us.