Partner Showcase – Kount

April 5, 2022

Partner Showcase – Kount

Protecting partners and merchants from fraud is paramount to Cardstream, and in an effort to further strengthen transactional security, Cardstream offers fraud prevention technology through their third-party integration with Kount.

About Kount

Founded in 2006, Kount helps businesses achieve their E-commerce goals whilst preventing digital fraud. Kount offers artificial intelligence (AI) fraud prevention with a solution that is simple to implement and delivers accurate fraud protection.

Bradley Wirskirchin, CEO of Kount stated “more than 9000 brands worldwide rely on the Kount Identity Trust Global Network to protect against digital fraud whilst enabling personalized customer experiences and new e-commerce channels.”

After it’s acquisition by Equifax in 2021, Kount had access to 32 billion digital transactions, further strengthening its machine learning technology. Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network delivers real-time fraud prevention and enables personalised customer experiences for more than 9000 leading brands and payment providers.

Cardstream and Kount’s Partnership

With Cardstream, Kount Command is simple to implement and delivers accurate fraud protection. The award-winning solution reduces digital payments fraud, prevents chargebacks, and allows businesses to personalise customer experiences.

Kount’s comprehensive platform allows you to:

  • Prevent Criminal and Friendly Fraud Chargebacks
  • Reduce False Positives and Manuel Reviews in Fraud Detection
  • Stop Account Takeover and Bot Attacks
  • Increase Approval Rates and Conversions

The Need for Kount

Stopping criminal and friendly fraud with Kount’s machine learning technology reduces the risk of chargebacks up to 99%. Chargeback prevention is just the beginning of what a robust fraud prevention solution can accomplish. Automated decisions are accurate and in real-time, reducing manual reviews by 83%.

Reducing friction by accurately identifying non-fraudulent customers improves their experience and maximises conversions. Decreasing false positives by up to 70% can save the sale and help grow your revenue.

Kount’s AI uses both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to establish identity trust and provide a safety rating for each transaction. It takes just 250 milliseconds for the technology to generate a rating, increasing order acceptance rates and protecting businesses from new and existing fraud attacks.

To learn more about how Cardstream and Kount can help your merchants stay safe, please contact us.