Cardstream Group’s PayFac Solution

May 23, 2023

Cardstream Group’s PayFac Solution

Just over a month ago, White Label Payment technology service provider Cardstream Group announced its new PayFac-As-A-Service offering. Cardstream is used to being a Fintech innovator and is now revolutionising the Payment Facilitator space. This is a platform designed to provide a multitude of offerings, including:

  • Delivering a comprehensive Third Party Facilitator Programme to Acquirers.
  • A pathway for those wanting to become a Payment Facilitator.
  • A cloud-based solution available “As A Service”.

The Need for a PayFac Solution

To put it simply, most payment providers do not have the time nor the cost-basis to effectively undertake the onboarding and ongoing operational support of Merchant Accounts, particularly in the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) market. As Financial Services obligations grow and payments more complex, access to payment services is becoming more difficult for SMEs. Cardstream’s PayFac challenges this. By carrying out the heavy lifting and automating many processes, the playing field has been levelled to allow as SMEs can dedicate their limited resources to maximising revenue by increasing sales.

Cardstream’s Payment Facilitator platform capabilities have been purposefully designed to alter the PayFac market for the better. It delivers a rapid and automated Merchant workflow onboarding, as well as rule-driven underwriting and regulatory-compliant due diligence. Users can also take advantage of E-Contracting, fraud screening, and dispute chargeback management.

These services and more are available through a brandable portal or embeddable APIs, giving users control and brand recognition. Data from a variety of analysts have predicted a huge growth in payments processed through PayFacs over the next three years, and Cardstream’s PayFac-As-A-Service not only taps into this global market, but is leading it into the next evolution of payment services.

To learn how Cardstream can help your offerings, and to view our different Payment Gateway Solutions, please get in contact with us. 

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