April 28, 2016


WordPress is a big deal. Would you like to know how much of a big deal it is? It powers 25% of the internet. That’s billions of pages. 60.5 million new comments appear each month on WordPress. We are, after all, a talkative bunch. So why is it so popular? I’ll walk you through it.

Firstly, WordPress is a well-managed system, we know this because it releases updates every day, this shows that their ear is firmly to the ground as they attempt to continually develop. One way they could do learn about necessary systemic changes is by attending their forums and building based on the activity within. Of course forums are a great place to troubleshoot amongst a community and also projects expand as a result of having a community involved.

WordPress is both front and back end customisable, this means that your website is, in every sense that matters, yours to do what you want with. If you want it to be upside-down and be covered in pictures of watercress then you’re in luck. Of course if you wanted something more conventional, then WordPress offer a massive range of templates for you to choose from. This could considerably save you time on web-design and the templates will be of a good standard, so you can be confident in your website’s new look. Further to this, if you have an existing website, then you can map it to your new WordPress one, whilst this comes at a fee, you then won’t have to double up on domains.

What else is good about WordPress? Well, it’s free. Free is arguably within most people’s budget. On top of being free, it offers a huge range of plugins and widgets to spice up your site and assist in effective management of it. Some examples could include the first ever WordPress plug-in ‘Hello Dolly’. The function of which is to supply a line from the song ‘Hello Dolly’ on each of your WordPress administration pages. More functionally useful plugins could include things like Jetpack, which is a page management tool, telling you how many visits you’ve had to your site; informs you of downtime; automatically optimizes and speeds up images using the global WordPress.com content delivery network and a centralised dashboard for your admin tools. Or perhaps Buddy Press, a plugin that generates a social network. Or WordPress Video Player, which aids in the simple embedding of video media into your site.

WordPress is extensible and popular, an ideal place to start producing your website. For people hoping to build an e-commerce store, the omnipresent WooCommerce module may be a good place to start, a hugely versatile plug-in to WordPress merchants may use to start their e-commerce venture. Cardstream offer their own in house-supported module of WordPress, saving you doubling up on communication when facing any technical problems. Links for the download and GitHub page are below.


WordPress stats (25%)
Plugins (JetPack, Hello Dolly)