Swipen and Cardstream Connect GooglePay to E-commerce

July 22, 2021

Swipen and Cardstream Connect GooglePay to E-commerce

Swipen, the payment solutions specialist, along with its counterpart, Cardstream, are pleased to provide GooglePay for e-commerce, a safer and more secure way for customers to pay online.

With mobile devices being the most popular platforms for e-commerce shopping over the past year, Swipen now provides merchants with GooglePay integration, simplifying the purchasing process for android users and helping to protect against payment fraud.

The GooglePay mobile app allows customers to securely store card data within their android device so that payments may be quickly made online, in-store, or within apps.

“With COVID regulations in force across the country, Swipen and Cardstream are adapting to these changing times by developing new ways to help our customers thrive in this new normal,” says Fraser Mitchell, Swipen’s Managing Director. “We’re expecting to see a continued rise in touchless retail shopping and contactless transactions and, as such, our partnership with Cardstream has allowed us to accelerate the development of this new, exciting and cost-effective payment offering.”

Adam Sharpe, CEO and Founder of Cardstream, added, “Given the consumer demand for contactless ways to shop and pay, it is even more critical that we collaborate with our partners to drive business growth, both online and offline.”

GooglePay’s Safety & Security Features:

Along with the increased protection for customers, merchants gain a huge advantage with a substantial reduction in fraudulent attacks.

The customer is in total command of their transaction and their data, and every purchase using GooglePay is authenticated using PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication via their android device. For example, when paying in-store using GooglePay, the customer’s card information isn’t actually shared. Instead, the merchant receives a unique encrypted number. As for e-commerce transactions, it is even simpler with the integration of the GooglePay button- allowing the customer to add or select a payment card and then GooglePay will securely send their address and payment information straight to the merchant without any need to sign-in or create an account. It is, therefore, virtually impossible for cyber-criminals to steal card information to make fraudulent transactions.

Both Swipen and Cardstream are proud of their collaborative mission to deliver the very best solutions to merchants and their customers, including GooglePay for e-commerce, at a time when collaboration and innovation will be at the forefront of business survival and growth across the globe.