What is a Referrer Partner?

April 17, 2023

What is a Referrer Partner?

Companies such as web development agencies, ticketing providers, and consultants have a unique opportunity to provide a comprehensive solution for their clients. From website design to E-Commerce functionality, agencies strive to create digital experiences that are user-friendly, engaging, and easy to navigate. One critical aspect of the E-Commerce experience is payment processing, and this is where Cardstream’s White Label Payment Gateway comes in.

What is a Referral Partner?

A Referral Partner, sometimes known as a Referrer, is a business associate who recommends your business to their cliental. Working closely with Cardstream, our Referral Partners help provide their customers with payment facilities. A Referral Partner is a Channel Partner who has an agreement to refer business leads and clients in exchange for commission.

By referring their clients to Cardstream, web development agencies can offer a reliable and secure payment processing solution that seamlessly integrates with their clients’ websites. With over 45 global Acquirer connections, Cardstream ensures that transactions are processed efficiently and securely. Furthermore, Cardstream’s platform is designed to be scalable, ensuring that it can grow with their clients’ businesses

A Referrer’s Responsibility

Another advantage of referring business to Cardstream is the level of support that is on offer. From onboarding to ongoing management, Cardstream’s team is available to help businesses navigate the complexities of payment processing. This allows Referral Partners to focus on what they do best while ensuring their clients have access to reliable payment processing solutions.

Learn more about how Cardstream’s Payment Gateway can help you maximise your payments offerings, click here for more information.

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