Pay Button

September 16, 2016

Pay Button

Sometimes people need a friendly reminder that their invoice is overdue, but sometimes that message can fall to the bottom of the pile. Sometimes arranging a call for a payment by telephone may take longer than you anticipated. Enter Cardstream’s Pay Button.

Bring Out Your Debt!

Why should you use a Pay Button instead of just expecting a cheque or calling up at a later date? If someone gave you the option to pay at the till for your lunch, or pay when you get home by writing a cheque or performing a transfer, which would you choose? For just this reason it’s a good idea to address the client’s invoice sooner rather than later. A 2015 publication from the ABFA claimed that UK SMEs owe over £67 billion pounds in unpaid invoices [1], nobody likes owing a payment and nobody likes being owed a payment. A Pay Button at the bottom of an invoice is a great way to enable the merchant or cardholder to cough up with a gentle reminder written above.

Well what about security? Don’t worry, we have you covered here; aside from the payment being taken on our PCI DSS 3.2 compliant to level 1 Hosted Form [2], electronic payments are much safer than manual payments, just checkout this article published by First Data [3]. Invoice repayment is just one example of the exciting ways our Pay Button can be used.

Other Uses

Our Pay Button can be integrated into websites too! Talk of flexible. This would be especially useful for merchants who wish to offer a payment page per product, negating the need to have a shopping cart or basket. This would help reduce costs and time demands for technical integration. In aid of this, the Pay Button can be recoded in appearance to fit the theme of the website. This means you could re-adapt the button for purpose, how about a donation link? The Pay Button gives you the freedom to redesign for your merchants.

But… How?

Whilst it’s true that the idea of a Pay by Link is essentially nothing new for eCommerce merchants, white labelling Cardstream’s service allows you to offer a payment method that we were one of the earlier providers of. This has allowed us over time to evolve the service to fit your client’s needs.

Cardstream offer a Pay Button and a Pay by Link. The button can come in multiple formats that befit purpose: you would pre-set the values of the payment form it points to, such as amount and redirect URL, and then the link produced can be integrated into any HTML by copy and pasting.

Why not watch this video demonstrating our Pay Button? Feel free to contact our Support team to discuss how the Pay Button adds value to your service offering.