Unassigned Worldpay Merchants

August 13, 2015

Unassigned Worldpay Merchants

Growing up we are bombarded by clichés as part of a primary education. One of the most prominent of these, at least for me, was ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Of course I owned neither an egg nor a basket, but now I could potentially own a merchant account and payment gateway…

Flying the Coop

Cardstream are a PCI DSS Level 1 independent payment gateway. This means that we are a gateway that is not attached to just one merchant acquirer but , all of the UK acquirers and many throughout Europe too, including some of the giants like Worldpay. I touch upon Worldpay deliberately as Cardstream have been made aware that a lot of Worldpay customers may now find themselves without a payment gateway, due to the Worldpay split with Secure Trading.

Where Now?

Secure Trading’s ambitious move is not beneficial to all merchants who may now be faced with the possibility of not having a payment gateway. Cardstream are willing to foster your business by offering an alternative payment solution, where termination of your merchant account doesn’t mean you find yourself without a payment gateway. This has particular application to Worldpay merchants at this time; not just because Worldpay are one of Cardstream’s technical partners, but also because we see benefit in versatility to ensure that a payment solution is flexible. This means that should a Worldpay merchant approach Cardstream, we can support you. If a Credorax merchant approaches Cardstream, we can support you. If a Payvision merchant approaches Cardstream, we can support you. Our presence is international although our approach is intimate.

See our list of compatible acquirers below:

• Allied Wallet
• Allied Irish Bank
• American Express
• Bank of Scotland
• Barclaycard
• Borgun Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank
• Credorax
• The co-operative bank
• Elavon
• First Data
• Global Payments (HSBC)
• Payvision
• Postbank
• Cashflows (Voice Commerce Group)
• Wirecard
• Worldpay (Streamline)

News and Prospects

It may or may not be knowledge that Worldpay are reducing the numbers of gateways they are partnering with, Cardstream remain a strong technical partner with Worldpay at this time. We even support functions with Worldpay such as our Real Time Updater. Our number of merchants that use a Worldpay and Cardstream solution is growing.

If you swiftly need a payment gateway  UK service to partner with your Worldpay merchant account, all we need is your Merchant Account ID and two days.

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