Merchant Management System

December 6, 2022

Merchant Management System

With Cardstream, your Merchants are provided with the necessary tools to adapt their payments to suit their business’ needs. The Merchant Management System (MMS) contains an easy-to-navigate dashboard, giving an overview of your Merchant’s account and tools to enhance their payments.

Complete Virtual Terminal

Cardstream’s Virtual Terminal is accessed through the Merchant Management System and is designed for your Merchants to use when processing mail orders or secure telephone payments (MOTO). The secure environment allows our Partner’s Merchants to process credit and debit card payments, as well as refund transactions. As it is a web-based portal, it can be easily accessed through a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Customisation options are available, so you can easily add additional payment fields that may be required by your business.

Our Virtual Terminal can also be used to generate Payment Links or QR Codes, which allow the customer to enter their payment details swiftly and efficiently.

Custom Fraud Prevention

Cardstream’s MMS has customisable fraud management tools that allow Merchants to dictate the levels to which their account will automatically check transaction authenticity, rejecting transactions that are likely to be fraudulent.  Determine transaction security settings by setting preferences within the MMS dashboard.

Data in One Place

With multiple routes into one omnichannel of reporting, Cardstream’s Merchant Management System allows Merchants to view all their data in real-time and in one place. The MMS is a customer management tool as well and provides Merchants with extensive data collection and reports.

As well as real-time reporting within the MMS, you can also export reports on demand. These can be viewed in the MMS or downloaded in various formats to help you and your Merchants interpret and reconcile accounts.

The Merchant Management System allows Merchants to be the master of their payments. To learn how you can implement this, plus other excellent tools from Cardstream, contact us.

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