Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

October 25, 2022

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are providers which develop and sell software products. ISVs provide their software alongside hardware, software, or cloud-based providers.

One of the biggest decisions that an ISV faces is whether they go directly to market, or they operate with channel partners. Cardstream partners with ISVs from all over the world, maximising their offerings and connecting them with Merchants globally.

Why Become an ISV?

Becoming an ISV and integrating with Partners can powerfully benefit your business. ISVs are able to capitalise on an increased return on investment, improved customer retention, and higher conversion rates.

Increase your ISV’s Potential

Drive Innovation – Partnering with a company like Cardstream will help your ISV develop an innovative route to market. Utilise our Open Payment Network to make the most of your offerings.

Expand your Portfolio – Cardstream can help ISVs drive their service across a multitude of sectors. Expand your range of services and increase your business.

Improve Revenue – Partnering can help you develop new revenue streams. By partnering with Cardstream, we can help connect you to businesses so you can build your revenue.

Meet Customer Demands – Customers require a reliable service provider, and by partnering with larger businesses ISVs can leverage the brands’ trust. Meet your customer demands by implementing business-ready solutions.

To learn how Cardstream can help take your Merchants to the next level by offering IVR capabilities, contact us.

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