Integration Methods

October 4, 2022

Integration Methods

When a Merchant is establishing how they would like to take online payments, it is important that they consider whether to use a Payment Gateway via a Direct or Hosted Integration.

How can I use Direct Integration?

The Direct Integration works by allowing you to keep the Customer on your system throughout the checkout process, collecting the Customer’s payment details on your own secure server before sending the collected data to our Gateway for processing. This allows you to provide a smoother, more complete checkout process to the Customer.

Direct Integration is more complex than the hosted forms method, but it does mean that the entire shopping process can occur within your Merchants’ websites, providing a seamless experience for their customers.

As a white-label payment gateway Partner, the direct integration is fully branded as your own; sits on your URL with your logo and branding; and provides your Merchants with your own test credentials.

How can I use the Hosted Integration?

You can choose to use Hosted Fields or Hosted Forms using the Hosted Integration. These are both features to help your Merchants to take payments securely, without sensitive card details touching their servers.

Hosted Forms – Allows Merchants to redirect customers to a payment page to collect payment details. Our standard hosted form carries minimal branding so as not to detract from your own branding. If you prefer, it can be customised with a branded header and footer for your company.

Hosted Fields – Allows Merchants to collect the data using a series of payment fields that can be integrated into their own website. They provide you with the PCI benefits of using a Hosted Payment Page while allowing you the ability to design and implement your own payment forms..

Both methods use Cardstream’s servers rather than your Merchants’ to process the payment, relieving them of any PCI security concerns.

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