Increasing Retention With Payments

April 3, 2023

Increasing Retention With Payments

Having a Payment Service this is slick, easy to use, and reliable can have an enormous impact on a Merchant’s ability to retain Customers. Whilst it is important for Merchants to grow their customer base, retaining existing clients can have a significant impact on business, as they return again and again to purchase goods and services.

Why Should You Improve Your Payment Experience?

  1. Reduce Payment Failures – Minimise card declines and improve your Merchant’s Payment offerings. This will make them much more likely to trust your Payment Gateway and continue to utilise your services.

  2. Analyse Your Data – Cardstream’s Merchant Management System (MMS) allows Merchants to view transactions and analyse their Customer’s spending. This in turn allows Merchant’s to view what products and services are most popular and can support your Sales Team to sell effectively.

  3. Provide A Variety of Payment Options – Providing Customers with the ability to choose which payment method they use improves Customer Experience. Therefore, it is essential that your Payment Gateway provides the most popular payment methods.

  4. Improve Merchant Onboarding – It’s vital for your Gateway to have an easy Merchant Onboarding system. Cardstream’s Gateway operates a simple and robust Onboarding system that keeps Merchants coming back.

Why Choose Cardstream?

Cardstream continues to build a global network of more than 400 Acquirers; Alternative Payment Methods; shopping cart platforms; and fraud providers – all accessed via a single integration. All of our secure and easy integration tools are available to Merchants across 6 continents and can be fully White Labelled by our Partners.

Cardstream undertakes the backend heavy lifting when it comes to building a Payment Gateway, so you don’t have to. Spend less time on individual technical integrations and spend more time building relationships with your clients and generating revenue.

To learn how Cardstream can help your offerings, and to view our different Payment Gateway Solutions, please get in contact with us.

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