How to Identify a great payment partner for your software business

August 28, 2019

How to Identify a great payment partner for your software business

As a software developer, you know just how important user experience is. In fact, you’ve probably spent many an early morning and late-night slaving over the design of your interface, and months of user testing to tweak and change your product in the run-up to its launch. For developers, integrating a payment solution can cause untold headaches, as the quality of the user experience is left in the hands of another company’s reliability. Here we look at how you can make the right choice of payment partner for a smooth user experience end-to-end.

The promise of a great payment partner
Signing up to a payment partner without doing your due diligence could undo all your hard work – with users left exasperated by frequent technical hiccups, a clunky checkout process and a heightened chance of a data breach.
Here’s what you should expect from a payment provider worthy of representing the payment stage of your software.

Super smooth onboarding
Nobody wants to do battle with online payments, least of all time-short consumers who are ready to become fully-fledged customers of yours. All in all, the process should be fast and frictionless. Anything else and you run the risk of user adoptions falling through the roof.

A seamless experience that looks and feels like your software
As a developer, you’ve probably placed every last pixel with painstaking care. The last thing you want is for the payment section of your user experience to be blighted by an ugly interface that hops from one payment provider page to the next.
In order to retain control of this experience, you need a payment provider who can offer a white label solution – one that you can then use your own branding on. You also need them to offer a modern payment API, which can be easily integrated into your own payment form.
With all of this in place, you should expect optimum checkout conversion rates.

Complete compliance (for consumer confidence)
Every company (including your software business) that accepts payments online MUST be PCI DSS compliant (no exceptions). But you can choose a payment provider that ensures sensitive data is never processed by either your environment, or the environment of your customer.
If you do this, then you’ll free yourself from the burden of adhering to SAQ A-EP (the security regulations from the Security Standards Council). Instead, you’ll simply complete the fast (and easy) PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (known as SAQ A).
With GDPR arriving recently, we know that all businesses could do with fewer data protection headaches!