Hosted Fields and Hosted Forms Modal – New Integration Methods

December 1, 2019

Hosted Fields and Hosted Forms Modal – New Integration Methods

Hosted Fields and Hosted Forms Modal – A Make Over and the option to Make it Your Own

You already trust in our securely hosted forms from Cardstream. Being PCI DSS Level 1 complaint, you know that your merchants and their customers are in safe hands. But security aside, you also want the checkout journey to look good. On which note, this month we’re introducing our slicker, sharper and brand-new Hosted Form Modal, which appears as a lightbox overlay on the checkout page.


But that’s not the only change…


For Merchants, we know how important branding is – after all, it sets them apart from other competitors, communicates their values and gives personality to their company. We know, because you’ve told us. Merchants and their web designers and developer, often said that they wanted full creative reign of the checkout experience for their customers.

With this month’s launch of Hosted Fields and Hosted Forms Modal, we’re happy to help merchants ensure that the final (and most critical) step of the online buying experience is defined by the merchant.

With the Hosted Fields integration, a merchant is able to…

  • Place the fields however you want
  • Full CSS HTML design the payment page and have it responsive
  • Pick your own font
  • Add your logo/s
  • Switch up the sizing and colour of the field names, such as ‘Name on card’
  • Using the direct API, still include alternative payment methods to offer your customers – including Masterpass, PayPal, Amazon Pay and other alternative payment methods.

These customisation options allow the Merchant to make payment pages their own, while providing more flexible payment methods for their customers (who always crave convenience and a quick checkout).


What if you prefer the form you’re already working with?


The current hosted form is still live and will continue to be supported by Cardstream. So, if you’re happy with what you’re working with, you won’t need to make any changes at all.



We’re here to help and standing by. Contact our help and support team by calling 0345 0099 575 or emailing on