E-mail Receipts

June 30, 2015

E-mail Receipts

Our Goals
At Cardstream we are always looking for ways to upgrade our already pretty top-notch systems and increase our services and impressive list of benefits, yet keep the price for our service as the most competitive. Another of our recent updates to the MMS system is the ability to receive receipts for transactions, forwarded automatically to two potential destinations – one receipt for the customer and one receipt for the merchant. In keeping with all of our system rollouts, E-Mail Receipts is an additional feature to the service that comes at no extra cost, except perhaps a small time investment. Examples of the receipts can be found below:

customer receipt 2

The e-mail receipts contain all the information you would need should the transaction need to be addressed and are a proof of transactional success. It contains the information that was entered into the gateway or virtual terminal.

Need a Hand?
This service does need enabling on the MMS in order for it to become functional, which couldn’t be simpler. You simply login to your MMS service and scroll along to your preference tab; then you scroll down to “Merchant Notification Email”. In this field put your e-mail address. It is simple to put in another if you wish to have multiple recipients, all you have to do is put a comma and add the secondary email address. Or third. Why not go for four? Put as many in as you like or feel you need.

Just below that field is the “Customer Receipt” drop-down box. In order to make the MMS send an automated receipt to your valued customers, click the drop down box and highlight the “yes” option, click it. Done. You can run a test transaction to make sure everything’s in working order if you want to ensure it works.

Cardstream and its great support team are always able and willing to walk you through this (and indeed any) set-up process, so don’t be afraid to phone us or email us with a problem.

Finally, we took the liberty of producing a video containing an easy-to-follow guide for setting up e-mail receipts, it can be found here:


But Why Might I Want This?
Receipts may sound like a formality, but they are in fact a great way of keeping on top of your incomings and outgoings. They take none of the space in your wallet up that a paper receipt would, they don’t degrade and can’t get lost so easily. The benefit is they look professional, people feel safer and they can be used for reference to quickly identify the transaction should a query arise sometime in the future. This offers payments with additional peace of mind, for both yourself and your customer.