Cardstream Functionality

June 5, 2017

Cardstream Functionality

In eCommerce and FinTech, the technologies that are most versatile are the ones that thrive. Your business must provide a solution that protects your merchants and gives them the tools they need to grow in their respective industries. One such solution is

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I want to tell you what our white-label solution offers your business.

Payment Freedom

Giving your merchants payment freedom isn’t so much about offering extra functionality, but ensuring you don’t limit their consumers’ payment preferences. It’s vital that the checkout experience is simple and can’t obstruct card holders. Basket conversion rates translate into business in eCommerce.

eCommerce Modules and Plugins We all know that every merchant is different. They have different internal operations and websites, so it’s important you can furnish their websites with the kit they need to power it. Within Cardstream’s extensive develop library is a huge collection of checkout modules, plugins, and third-party integrations.

Pay Button A virtual terminal and payment gateway are the main online payment methods. But Cardstream have gone beyond. The Pay Button is a link, QR code, or button that can be sent by electronic communication. Once clicked, it automatically directs the cardholder to a payment page. Unbelievably, there are platforms that don’t offer this service.

APMs There is an ever-growing number of payment options that are becoming available to the FinTech sector. Any given country has different wallet functions, debit transfers, payment facilitators, and payment service providers vying to be the sole processor of your transactions. Cardstream is integrated with all the major technologies in the UK and Europe, which equips your rebranded Cardstream platform with flexibility and optimised conversion rates.

Accept any Payment, Anywhere Cardstream work around the clock and around the globe to reduce barriers to payments. We offer your merchants the freedom to accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB cards, and all worldwide currencies.


Future Proofed

You need to make sure that your payment platform can weather any FinTech storm, whether it’s the pioneering PSD2, the innovative Instant Payments, or the agreeable APMs (Alternative Payment Methods). That’s why we’re an independent and well-connected payments technology. This position in our industry means we can’t be wrong-footed by new standards or trends. Here’s how:

Acquirer Integrations By using our network of acquiring bank relationships, we can establish partnerships between reseller partners and merchant account providers. If you can multi-acquire, you greatly reduce risk associated with payment processing, ensuring your uptime is maximised.

Independent Position Our independence means we’re free to build the gateway in an agile way. Our roadmap is decided by the industry’s demand and the needs of our reseller partners. Cardstream is malleable and built to fit the growing security and creative demands of FinTech. As our partners’ businesses grow, we ensure their solution is adapted to fit their target verticals.

Technical Security

Of course, there is no greater form of protection than gateway maintenance and security. Cardstream offers in-house security checks to monitor and keep your gateway safe from attacks and fraud attempts.

DDOS Mitigation In the wake of 2016’s worldwide DDoS attack, Cardstream benefitted from having preventive technologies in place. We quickly deployed our DDOS mitigation solution for our reseller partners, protecting them from future threats.

AVS, CV2 and 3D Secure As a standard, Cardstream offers these security checks at no additional cost. Address Verification Service (AVS) and CV2 checking ensure the cardholder is who they say they are and have access to the paying card. 3D Secure is an important fraud checking tool that shifts liability to the card issuer once successfully passed.

Velocity Checking Our In-house Velocity Checking solution gives your merchants control over the value and volume of transactions they process to limit fraud. If there is suspicious behaviour with the Cardstream branded system, you can stop them in their tracks. This tool also allows a soft limit, so you can be notified of any unusual traffic and keep your finger on the pulse of your payment solution.

Kount Cardstream has its ears to the ground, so when we hear the words ‘machine learning’ in the same sentence with ‘fraud prevention’ we just must develop this function for our reseller partners. Kount, an industry leading fraud screening service, uses its state of the art technology to monitor your merchants’ transaction processing. It uses proxy piercing, persona linking, multi-layer device ID, and other impressive technologies to give Cardstream a total risk score. We then provide the user with a response on the examined transaction. We combine this with our already excellent traffic light system so users can judge a transaction’s security at a glance.

Liberty and Ambition

The aim of Cardstream is to enhance your business’s evolution. The ethos of Cardstream is supportive and focused: we choose to develop in accordance with your needs, helping you achieve your business objectives.

This is but a small sample of Cardstream’s capability.  We can unlock your business’s potential. Contact us and one of our Channel Sales Executives will be happy to walk you through our solution.