Your bank. Your choice. Your control.

No payment details. No passwords. Just total control from your bank app.

Pay by Bank app is a new, easy-to-use payment method that lets customers pay online quickly and securely from their trusted mobile bank app, without having to enter payment details, create new accounts or logins, or remember any additional passwords.

Customers don’t need to download anything new. Pay by Bank app is automatically available once their bank has chosen to integrate the scheme and they’ll be auto-enrolled through a simple app update, so there’s no need to register to use it. Once integrated, it’s ready to use straight away. If a customer uses Pay by Bank app with more than one bank app on their phone, they’ll get a choice of which one to open at the point of purchase. They can also set a default option. Once the customer’s clicked the Pay by Bank app button on the merchant app or website, they’ll be taken to their bank app to complete the payment. It automatically takes care of it securely and with a single click. No passwords, no logins, it’s just simple and secure.

Pay by Bank app is currently live with Barclays Pingit and HSBC and will go live in the Barclays mobile bank app, First Direct and which will total nearly 12m Pay by Bank app enabled customers and 31% of current accounts in the UK.

Pay by Bank app gives customers a quick, easy and secure checkout experience, helping to reduce basket abandonment at the checkout and maximise conversions. • It also provides clear issuer liability, simple disputes handling and has only five chargeback codes. • Plus, online fraud and its associated costs are near-eliminated, without the need for retailers to comply with PCI DSS or use 3D Secure. Pay by Bank app was created in response to the growth in both mobile banking and mobile payments: around 22 million UK customers use their bank app regularly and over 50% of online purchases are made via mobile. Pay by Bank app gives them an easy, secure way to pay through the bank app that they already use and trust.

Do I need to be connected to Faster Payments to integrate Pay by Bank app?

No. Retailers do not need to be connected to Faster Payments to use the scheme. Banks will need to be connected to Faster Payments in order to facilitate the payment between the customer’s bank account and the retailer’s distributor’s account. Distributors therefore don’t need to be connected to Faster Payments, but if they are they'll have the ability to settle with retailers in real-time.


"Pay by Bank app is an innovative technology platform that’s human-by-design and comes to life through your familiar bank app."