What is a status page and why should Cardstream use one? 

November 4, 2020

What is a status page and why should Cardstream use one? 

Transparency continues to be the backbone of how we operate, both internally and externally.

This takes on extra importance among our tech-savvy ecommerce Partners and Merchants who appreciate a high level of detail about how their service is behaving.

Public status pages help build customer trust and showcase the reliability of platforms with historical uptime and performance timeline of the various services that underpin a cloud-based offering.

The main goal of our introducing a new Cardstream status page is to give Partners and Merchants access to the big picture regarding the health of our service and the wider payments ecosystem more generally.

The new Cardstream Status Page provides access to the Cardstream Open Payments Network to see how our various services are performing so if experiencing slow response times, a quick way to verify whether it is a widespread issue or something more localised.

It also provides a historical baseline, so our Partners and Merchants have access to the same data we do.

In the case of real-time status updates and service-related notifications, we are now asking our partners and merchants to subscribe to the service.

Such a status page also enables Cardstream to better communicate incidents and scheduled maintenances with our partners and merchants.

Cardstream are lessening our reliance on Mailchimp (email) initiated communications in early 2021 and as such, ask that you please subscribe to the new Cardstream Status Page today.