Cardstream’s 3DSv2 sandbox system

November 3, 2020

Cardstream’s 3DSv2 sandbox system

Cardstream’s 3D Secure v2 (3DSv2) sandbox system continues to be available to help you prepare for supporting Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

As a part of our ongoing 3DSv2 communications plan (please see PSD2, SCA and 3D Secure), it is crucial for you to understand the practical implications these regulations will have on your business and consumer journeys.

In support of SCA (Which of the SCA deadlines are you working towards?), Cardstream encourages you to utilise 3D Secure v1 (3DSv1) with immediate effect and 3DSv2 as soon as possible.

3DSv2 Sandbox Details


Merchant ID: 100856
Signature Key: Threeds2Test60System

The following test Merchant Accounts are available on this sandbox system for you to test the various 3DS Merchant configuration options.

Our normal test cards can be used.

Replace the Merchant ID provided by the Partner Support team above with one of those in the ‘Merchant ID’ column below to test each configuration:

  Not Known     Not checked     Not Authed     Attempted Auth     Merchant ID     Merchant Name  
Reject Reject Reject Reject 107446 Test 3DS
Reject Reject Reject Accept 107447 Test AA
Reject Reject Accept Reject 107448 Test NA
Reject Reject Accept Accept 107449 Test NA AA
Reject Accept Reject Reject 107450 Test NC
Reject Accept Reject Accept 107451 Test NC AA
Reject Accept Accept Reject 107452 Test NC NA
Reject Accept Accept Accept 107453 Test NC NA AA
Accept Reject Reject Reject 107454 Test NK
Accept Reject Reject Accept 107455 Test NK AA
Accept Reject Accept Reject 107456 Test NK NA
Accept Reject Accept Accept 107457 Test NK NA AA
Accept Accept Reject Reject 107458 Test NK NC
Accept Accept Reject Accept 107459 Test NK NC AA
Accept Accept Accept Reject 107460 Test NK NC NA
Accept Accept Accept Accept 107461 Test NK NC NA AA

Please note that any SLAs regarding uptime, notice periods and speed do not apply to these sandbox servers. 

Our 3DS Integration Guide currently contains PHP sample code.

Please keep an eye on the Cardstream GitHub site as we will be providing this in other languages here very soon.

It will also shortly contain details of our updated SDKs including those which help you to allow your Merchants to accept payments in mobile apps.

We shall shortly be releasing our 3DSv2 connections with each acquirer and will be sending out further communication regarding which acquirers have already been certified.

If you have any queries regarding anything mentioned in this newsletter or require any other assistance, please feel free to contact the support team on 0345 00 99 575 or at

For more information about the functionality Cardstream can offer and answers to frequently asked questions please visit the Cardstream Support Portal.