Here's why different types of businesses white label Cardstream:

Your Business. Your Payments.

Here's why different types of businesses white label Cardstream:

ISOs / Resellers

brand Cardstream to deliver new revenue generating services and manage their supply chain.

Acquiring Banks

use Cardstream so they don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

brand Cardstream so they can access new markets and acquiring bank relationships.

Application Providers

white label Cardstream to embed payment into their brand experiences.

Infrastructure Providers

reduce development costs for their corporate clients through our single integration into all acquiring banks.

Consulting Practices

add their own IP around our white label payments service to deliver customised client experiences.

Cardstream is the only 100% Partner-focused payment service

With Cardstream, you can truly own the end-to-end payment process without any of the heavy lifting. Our Partners use our service to extend their client relationships; manage their supply chain and costs; and generate new sources of revenue. Our payments infrastructure + Your brand = Joint success.

That is why even payment providers themselves use Cardstream.  In fact, in the UK, 90% of independent merchant account resellers brand and sell our payment platform as their own.

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

Cardstream provides a cloud payment gateway that allows consumers to pay merchants for goods and services online, on-mobile and on the High Street.

Think of it as a big, secure, always-on infrastructure that you turn on like a tap to connect those that want to pay and those that want to get paid. Because it’s delivered from our cloud, it’s certified to the highest PCI DSS Level 1 compliant security standards.

Zero Channel Conflict

Zero Channel Conflict

Our Partners won’t bump into us during sales because we do not sell directly to end-merchants. However, our staff are always on hand to train yours and, of course, be part of your sales teams as you seek new business.

White Label Multi-Level Branding ™

We have the most white label capabilities on the market.

Our Partners are provided with their own branded checkout pages, mobile experiences, pay-by-text, virtual terminals, secure URLs, back-end administration, reporting, sales tools, merchant on-boarding, and support queues. Our white label Multi-Level Branding™ technology even allows n-levels of branding for our Partners’ own Partner channels.

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