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Chargeback Period

The number of days from the processing date or endorsement date transaction during which the issuer may initiate a chargeback.


With roots back to its establishment in Glasgow in 1838, Clydesdale Bank has a proud history of innovation and support for Scottish industry and communities. Clydesdale is a Cardstream supported merchant.

Co-Branded Card

A co-branded credit card is sponsored by both the issuing bank and a retail organisation such as a department store or an airline. Cardholders may get benefits such as discounts or free merchandise from the sponsoring merchant based on account usage and terms.

Commerce Service Provider (CSP)

Supplies the system and services to establish the back-office infrastructure for businesses. Major aspects include: the processing of secure transactions, the developing and managing of customer relationships, the collecting of payment, and the delivering of products or services over the Web. A CSP may provide the following services: buyer authentication, order taking, details of what is for sale in an electronic offer, validation, payment processing (via traditional credit card payment processors), and generation of electronic receipts. Fulfillment may be made of electronic goods or physical goods.

Commercial Cards

A general name for cards typically issued for business use and may include Corporate Cards, Purchase Cards, Business Cards, Travel and Entertainment Cards.


A small amount of information stored on a client computer by a Web site that is sent back to the site each time the user visits it. The use of cookies to maintain persistent, client-side state information significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server applications.

Credit Card Number

Unique number assigned to credit card.

Credit Card Processor

A company that performs authorisation and settlement of credit card payments, usually handling several types of credit and payment cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). If merchants wish to sell their products to cardholders, they retain the services of one or more processors who handle the credit cards that the merchant wishes to accept. When a merchant retains the services of a credit card processor, it is issued a merchant ID.

Credit History

A partial profile of your financial life given within a particular time frame (usually measured in years). It shows the extent to which you pay your bills on time and how much you may owe particular parties. Credit card issuers use this information to decide whether to provide customers with credit cards. If you have been turned down in the past due to a bad credit history you can sometimes still obtain a credit card

Credit Limit

The maximum amount of credit you may recieve on your card. Under some circumstances, your card issuer may increase or decrease your credit line.


A certificate revocation list is a database of certificates no longer valid within a given security infrastructure.

Cryptographic Key

A mathematical term or other parameter used to define how a given algorithm will transform data into ciphertext.


The art or science of transforming clear, meaningful information into an enciphered, unintelligible form using an algorithm and a key.


Default is GBP for U.K. pounds. This feature will be used when sterling is used in a transaction.

Custom Payment Service (CPS)

Visas regulations for the information that must be submitted with each transaction. Transactions must meet CPS criteria in order to qualify for lowest transaction processing fees available. Similar to MasterCards Merit system.

D & B Duns Number

Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System. A unique 9 digit code that identifies and links more than 57 million companies worldwide.

Data Encryption Standard (DES)

A cryptographic algorithm adopted by the National Bureau of Standards for data security. The algorithm encrypts or decrypts 64 bits of data using a 56-bit key.

Data Integrity

Measures to prevent unauthorized alteration of data.


A database is an organized collection of information. Computer databases allow for quick retrieval of information and flexible methods of searching through the data.


A charge to a customers bankcard account. A transaction, such as a check, automated teller machine (ATM) withdrawal, or point-of-sale (POS) debit purchase that debits a demand deposit account.

Showing 40 to 60 of 195 Results