Alternative Payment Methods




Cardstream has partnered with Mastercard to provide merchants with the ability to offer an alternative payment method in the form of a digital wallet service, MasterPass. The service allows consumers to hold traditional plastic cards securely in digital wallets, giving them the ability to make a payment with one simple experience without the need to enter card details repeatedly. The MasterPass digital wallet allows consumers to store all their card details, including Mastercard, Visa debit and credit cards, shipping and billing address and gives the consumer the option to select which stored card they wish to use to pay online.

A simple, convenient, secure and faster payment experience is becoming ever more critical with the an increasing amount of e-commerce occurring across mobile and tablet devices. A simplified checkout reduces cart abandonment and allows consumers to enjoy an effortless purchase experience. Cardstream may add this additional feature to all merchants at no additional cost. There are also no fees or charges for consumers to use MasterPass.

For more information about MasterPass, please visit their website.